英语作文50字初一(英语作文50字初一带翻译):   1、初一英语作文范文50字篇1 Last winter holiday, I went to Harbin with my m…


  1、初一英语作文范文50字篇1 Last winter holiday, I went to Harbin with my motherIt#39s very cold in winter There is snow and ice everywhere and you are always in a white world You must wear warm clothes。

  2、I have a good friend His name is Bob我有一个好朋友,他的名字叫鲍勃He is a high school student His favorite color is blue他是一名高中生他最喜欢的颜色是蓝色He likes doing sports He likes pl。

  3、初一英语作文50词My school life Hello,class!My name is Linde I am a student I #39 m study in the sixth Middle Class One Grade Seven Do you want to know my school life ?Now I talk to。


  4、自我介绍的英语作文如下Hello, every one!大家好My name is WangYing我叫王英I#39m a 13 years old girl我是一个13岁的女孩I live in the beautiful city of Lianyungang我住在美丽的连云港I#39m an active。

  5、Yes, you’re right! My mother is very kind and nice, she is thirtysevenMy mother is always laborious work I love my parents! On Saturday and Sunday, I often go to the library and play the piano。

  6、Although I have 50day holiday, but I found I had a lot of things to do I had a lot of homework to do and I had something necessary to do2011年4年1月13日这是我们的冬季假期的第一天我们大家都非常高兴。

  7、写作思路通过失物招领这个中心词,写出一篇英语作文,体现出失物招领这个含义正文When I came to school this morning,I found an Oxford Dictionary, which is the sixth printing on the ground of school gate我。

  8、New Year is especially fun for kidsThat#39s because we get presents and treats,including red envelopes filled with moneyWe also get to set off fireworksBut we never forget that this holiday is a time to。

  9、她苗条漂亮,带眼镜 她很友善大度她擅长英语而我擅长数学,因此我们彼此互相帮助她和我有相同的兴趣喜欢旅游看书和打乒乓球她是我认识的知识最渊博的人无论你问什么都会得到完美的回答我们经常周末打。

  10、My Summer Holiday I love summer holiday very muchDuring the holiday,I traveled with my parents,I swam in the swimming pool with my good friends and I read a lot of new booksI love swimming best and。

  11、1 Our School Our school is in the west of the city It is very big with a tall teaching building There are thirty classrooms, a modern library, a dinning hall and a gym There is a big playground。

  12、1Today my aunt took me to Happy Land I played many games And I had fun I also saw many animals There are bears, birds, parrots, rabbits and monkeys We ate ice cream and lots of fruit The。

  13、My family I have a happy family There are four people in it They are my father, my mother, my brother and I My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher My brother and I are students。

  14、我的一天英语作文Last Sunday,I had a great timeI went to the countryside with my familyI had never seen such blue sky The air is fresh and there are lots of beautiful flowersWe had a picnic。


  15、一个好的 七年级英语 作文 开头对你这篇 文章 往往有画龙点睛的作用下面是我为大家精心推荐的七年级下册 英语作文 ,希望能够对您有所帮助七年级下册英语作文篇一 English Channels There are many English。

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