myschooltrip英语作文60词加翻译(myschooltrip英语作文60词):   你参加过学校组织的旅行吗?你觉得学校组织的旅行怎么样呢?大家不妨写一篇 英语 作文 描…


  你参加过学校组织的旅行吗?你觉得学校组织的旅行怎么样呢?大家不妨写一篇 英语 作文 描述一下吧下面是我推荐给大家的school trip英语带翻译作文70词,供大家参考school trip英语作文70词篇一 Last Sundayour;my school trip英语作文篇一 Last Tuesday we had a school trip to Chimelong Paradise It was a beautiful sunny day We were so excitedWe took a school bus there, and we took a photo in front of the;We had a great trip in the city parkIn front of the gate stood some beautiful trees,which,will bring us back to lifeHaving a short rest,we set out to do activities we want,such as took photos;今天是星期日,又是一个特殊的日子妈妈的生日我和爸爸商量好,给妈妈一个惊喜我和爸爸来到蛋糕店里为妈妈选了一个特别漂亮的蛋糕,是草莓味的,那是因为妈妈喜欢吃草莓味的我还特地在蛋糕盒上扎了五颜六色的。

  My school is beautifulI have seven classes every dayThe first lesson begins at 830,and the school overs at 500 in the afternoonI have lunch at school at 1200Then I have a breakI usually;1Our class are going for a field trip on Sunday We are going to hike to the top of a mountain There, we are going to have a picnic Many students are going to take some delicious food and prepa;参考如下My school lifeHello!My name is Tom ,I’m a student of NO7 Middle school ,I like my school ,because my school life is very interestingI like my classmates and teachersThey are very friendly。

  Yesterday, we went to the work park with whole school teachers and studentsWe entered the park to see everywhere full of flowers, the road on both sides by tall Metasequoia We all appreciate the beauty;we had lunchThen, we continued playing the gamesWe left at about 5pm We enjoyed ourselevs thereI hoped I can go there one more time How wonderful my school trip was;make school more beautiful, the school gave me such a good environment, So I must study hard! I love my school!译文我就读于一个美丽的学校,学校的面积很大,还有几栋高大的教学楼,还有很多优秀的老师学校;My School Trip Last month I went to Japan with my classmates and teachersGoing to Japan was a great experience We went to so many different places like ShinOsaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Yokohama, Tokyo。


  We had a school trip yesterdayIt was a beautiful sunny dayIn the morning,I went to school with my friendsThen we went to a park to have a school tripIn the park,we did a lot of things,such a;My school My school is a beautiful campus, you don#39t believe in? I take you to visit my schoolYou see, walked into the door, and two rows of stand proudly welcome our arrival, it is like a soldier;世界那么大,我想去看看,我要去旅行,你知道怎么写一篇我的旅行的 英语 作文 吗?下面是我给大家整理的我的旅行英语作文,供你参考!my trip英语作文六年级篇1 my school trip last tuesday we had a school trip。

  my school trip初中英语作文篇1 I went on a trip to Hainan with my family on during the holidayWe went there by planeAfter we got off the plane,we went to the beach to see the beautiful sand and sw。


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